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Looking After and  Framing your Prints

Your Prints

These are your prints and it is entirely up to you how you want to use them, but as we can take no responsibility for any damage that occurs to them once they have left our ownership, we thought it may be helpful to put down a few guidelines to keep them in the best condition.

Taking ownership of your prints

If you have purchased your prints online this is easy. The prints will be well packaged and delivered to your desired address.

If you are taking the prints home from a show or event, take good care not to knock the print as this may ruffle the edges.

Be careful not to squeeze the print too hard as this can cause 'dinks' in the material.


If these things happen don't worry, we will go on to tell you how to rectify them.

The prints will be given to you in a good quality polythene sleeve. Though the sleeve is waterproof and sealed at both ends we strongly advise that you keep the poster from getting wet - even the temperature change can affect the paper.

Unwrapping Your Prints

If you are getting a professional framer to mount or frame your print then it may be best to let them unwrap it.

Firstly, take your time. Carefully open the polythene with a pair of scissors and slide out the print. As the print will have remained rolled up for a while it will not sit flat. We advise that you lay it on a flat surface - picture upwards, and let it settle. There may also be a slight ridging across part of the print which will settle down.

Mounting and Framing Your Prints

We always advise that you use a professional for this service.

The best methods of mounting or framing are the use adhesive to stick the print down to the surface and smooth flat with a soft cloth. The will also get rid of the ridging and dinks that may have occurred - as mentioned previously.

A better method, when framing, is to get them vacuum sealed - this removes any air and lays the image perfectly flat - again, getting rid od ridges and dinks.

Points to note

With large prints, the edges and corners are very vulnerable to knocks. Usually the marks are just on the very edge and are usually covered by the frame. If you are mounting the prints without a frame we would suggest that you ask your framer the trim away any offending edges.

If cared for properly your prints will give you many years of enjoyment, and we certainly hope that they do.

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