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Wallpaper and Large Format Printing

Rocket Walls Jungle Birds Room (web).jpg

Made to Measure Wallpaper

We can always 'wow' our customers with our high definition wallpapers for the home, office or event. Even at large print sizes our illustrations remain sharp and vibrant.

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Wallpaper mural Mudfrog Shark Room.jpg
Wallpaper mural Mudfrog Giraffe Room.jpg
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There are 2 ways to create your wallpaper:

Choose any image from our gallery on Etsy and we can enlarge, or reshape it, to suit.

Pick two or more images from our Etsy shop and we can put them together to create your unique wallpaper.

All of our wallpapers are made to measure.

Email or call us to discuss your ideas and get the ball rolling.

Custom building wallpaper examples

Pick the elements you want to include. We'll put them together!

Theme Ideas

Billeresque Wallpaper Scene 01.jpg

How can our wallpapers be so sharp and vibrant?

We create our hand drawn illustrations as ultra high definition vector art.

Vector art is the use of polygons to represent images in computer graphics. They are based on lines and curves passing through locations called control points or nodes. Each path may be assigned various attributes, including  colour, shape and texture.

This is ideal for printing since the art is made from a series of mathematical shapes allowing the image to print very crisply even when resized. For instance, one can print a vector image on a small sheet of paper, and then enlarge the same image to huge sizes and keep the same crisp quality. This cannot be done with paintings and photographs.

Jaguar Illustration with Nodes2.jpg

Applying the wallpaper

The wallpaper hangs in exactly the same way as traditional paper that you buy in store.

The main difference is that our paper is much more durable and doesn't tear easily when hanging.

All you need is some wallpaper paste. Paste the wall - not the back of the print and hang easily.

We will send you a 'map' of the final image and number each panel to ensure you know the correct order. Before you know it you will have a stunning image on your wall!

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