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Hello and welcome to Billeresque,

the home of ultra high definition art.


If you want a stunning quality print for your wall, or a high impact wallpaper,

we are the place to come!

All Billeresque illustrations are unique and cannot be bought through any

other outlet, so the quality always remains high.

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Billeresque was founded by award winning British designer and illustrator Nigel Biller.


We want to offer customers a chance to purchase unique, quality art illustrations directly through our own brand.

We have been producing professional illustrations and designs for many agencies for over twenty years, so it is exciting to have the opportunity to deal directly with our customers.

We cover a large range of topics including motorsport, aircraft, wildlife and famous landmarks.

Nigel Biller Billeresque MRes.jpg

About the Illustrations

Artworks are created in a vector format to ensure the best quality of print possible.

A vector image means that the illustration was hand drawn using computer technology and therefore the quality of colour and sharpness of images is unsurpassed by other traditional styles of illustration.

To demonstrate see the image below.

The left side shows how we start - with the traditional hand drawn sketch.

The centre section shows how we then spend many hours creating the artwork using computer technology. The image is hand drawn - we just use a light pen instead of a paint brush!

Finally we 'render' the image incorporating the colour and lighting effects.

We end up with an ultra high definition image than can be printed at absolutely any size without loss

of sharpness or colour vibrancy!


If you would like to know more we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to commission a  piece of work, or purchase multiple pieces for a business to business relationship (such as multiple award certificates) please click below.

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